Are You Guilty of These 5 Common Weight Loss Mistakes?

Going on a diet is no laughing matter. In fact it takes a lot of self-control and focus for you to be able to surpass from day one up to the final day of your diet regime. That is why sometimes, we fail to see that we are sometimes making mistakes just to reach our set weight goals.

Most women, including me, have been or has been guilty in committing several ”non-healthy” ways of dieting that they thought would not harm them. Since we are pressured by each ticking minute, we want to lose weight as fast as we can. But these so called “diet short cuts” comes with a price. Here are the top five mistakes that most women do during their diet.

  1. Starvation Diet

Starvation diet is a method where you eat irregularly and fast at the same time. One diet program instructs its followers to eat their meals regularly for five days. On the remaining two days of each week, you will only eat just a quarter of your average meal. This is called the “5:2 Diet” because off the five days and two days ratio of eating.

Another method is the “Intermittent fasting” where you have a set time when you will eat. It usually goes like this: you have to eat your meals within a span of 12 up to 16 hours per day. Of course, this will depend on how far you can go without being really hungry.

There are a lot of versions of starvation fasting but it all boils down to one thing, it is not healthy. Starving yourself just to trick your body to get its much needed nutrients through other means (which is your fat deposits) is not healthy at all. Add to the fact that your body loses a considerable amount of nutrition it need in order to function properly and regenerate itself. You are literally starving your body in an unhealthy manner.

  1. Failing to Plan Ahead

Most women who go through their own weight loss program fail to think of the bigger picture. They either just want to go on a diet or just exercise. They seldom do both at the same time which is the right combination for a proper weight loss regime.

What they fail to realize is that losing weight takes a holistic approach. Therefore you need to properly plan your diet, your work out and your daily activities. You have to plan your program from the first up to the very last day.

You also have to have not just a plan A. You need to have a plan B, plan C and even a plan D if ever one of your weight loss method fails or you need to adjust it. Always plan ahead, think of what you might encounter while you undergo your program and strategize on ways to resolve it.

  1. Overdoing Your Cardio Training

Like what I have previously mentioned, exercise is a vital part of any weight loss regime that you will take. But it doesn’t mean that you have to overdo it. One common misconception is that “if I do more cardio, I will lose weight faster” which is not a good nor a healthy idea.

Doing too much of cardio training that your body can handle can be a major health risk for you. If you have been exercising in a gym with an instructor, you will notice that they make a set cardio program for you based on your body’s weight, strength and most importantly, its capacity to handle a particular training program.

What you need to do is to start slow and short. Do not overexert yourself with exercise. Let your body adjust to the training that you are undergoing. If you feel that you can go further, then that is the time to do so.

  1. Overcomplicating the Process

When you want to lose weight, you only have to do two simple things. The first is to go on the right diet and the second is to exercise. That’s all you need to do. Do not overcomplicate your regime by adding other non-essential activities like taking pills, undergoing surgeries or what not.

The best way to lose weight is through the natural and healthy method. Yes it can be a bit longer that those who have undergone surgery or have taken slimming pills, but it can assure you that you will be 100% mind and body healthy.

Making the right balance of diet and exercise will give you not only a healthy body but also a healthy living. This is something that modern weight loss therapies fail to offer. So make your routine simple and healthy.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Food

You must also do your research on what to eat when you plan to go on a diet. Making a daily set menu can also be a good way to keep yourself in check with the type of food you eat. Like what was mentioned before, you have to plan ahead if you want your weight loss program to become successful. Adequate knowledge and research is you best friend when it comes to your diet plan.

Losing weight requires your complete and utter involvement and perseverance. If you are not 100% committed in getting fit and healthy, you have to psyche yourself up first before you start. Remember, the key to a successful weight loss plan is the right combination of diet and adequate exercise that is fueled by your passion and determination to succeed.