5 “Fat Loss Food” A Silent Enemy During Diet

Whenever you go into a diet you want the process to be as quick and as fast as possible. Sometimes, you even cut corners and buy items that promises to help you lose fats faster. But what you fail to see is that these so called “food helpers” might actually be the same reasons why you have a hard time losing weight, or in worse case, you even gain weight.

Many products out in the market promises us faster weight loss and healthier body, but what we did not realize is that it is a double edge sword. I have once been a victim of these “fat loss food” products and I have realized later on that there is no quick or easy way when you want to become healthy. Here are five examples of the most common “fat loss food” that we think is safe but is actually “betraying” our diet regime.

  1. Fruit Flavored Yogurts

One common mistake of anyone who goes on a diet is the “as long as it is yogurt, it is health” mentality. Not all yogurts are healthy, keep that in mind. Especially those that have flavors in it. Remember, fruit flavorings found in yogurts or any other dairy product is consist mostly of sugar. Adding sugar to plain yogurt will deprive itself of its original purpose which is being a “health snack”.

My suggestion is to buy plain yogurt instead. If you want to make your yogurt snack have a little twist in it then do it yourself. Use fresh berries and make a compote from it. Use the syrup and cute the berries into small pieces and mix it with your yogurt snack. It has sugar yes, but it is the natural healthy sugar that your body will need.

  1. Artificial Sweeteners

Cutting down on your sugar consumption? You might have also thought of using artificial sweeteners as a replacement for real sugar? Maybe you are actually using it during your diet. You think that you have saved yourself from sugar overload but in reality, you just increased your caloric consumption.

There are other components included in an artificial sweetener and aspartame is one of them. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that is present in almost all of artificial sweeteners in the market. It is also an ingredient used in chewing gums, diet sodas and other synthetic foods. Are you now able to follow my trail of thoughts?

  1. Fat Free Products

Usually, these type of products prides in their promise of “fat free” goods. But it also promises that you will get the same delicious taste that regular “with fat” products offer. Have you ever wondered why they taste the same? It’s because of the additional ingredient that they added in it.

What ingredient is that you might ask? It’s none other than our diet’s dreaded enemy, sugar. Sugar replaces the fat that was taken away from the product. If you ask me, having sugar in your food is much, much worse that having actual fat in it.

  1. Skim Milk

Skim milk is a type of milk that is full of protein, nutrients, vitamins and calcium. These components are very essential when you are in a diet, I firmly agree with it as well. But Skim milk also has a hidden agenda that some might not have knowledge about.

Even though this particular milk offers a wide array of healthy components for us, it lacks the so called “dietary fat” component of regular milk. Dietary fat is responsible for making your body “fill up” and regulate your appetite. Without it you will feel that you are not “full” enough and in turn will increase your appetite.

  1. Protein Bars

Packed with Protein, fiber, calcium and many other healthy components, a Protein bar seems like a perfectly balanced snack for anyone who is on a diet right? Well, sad to say but this product also has its secret hidden from us.

Along with the many offers of health benefits per bar, each piece of Protein bar also has a considerable amount of sugar content present. It can have a massive quantity of sugar level ranging from fifteen up to as high as forty grams depending on its caloric content.

If you are devoted and serious in following your diet regime, my best advice for you is to stay healthy, eat fresh produce and go green. Don’t take short cuts, because there is not short cuts to keeping your body and yourself healthy. Do your diet the natural and healthy way.