Why Sleep Can Ruin Your Weight Loss Journey

In order to have a successful and healthy weight loss experience, you have to go through the whole process holistically. This means that you should approach it in all aspects that affect you, your health and your body most importantly. You must pay particular attention to the factors that can affect your body while you lose weight. Among these factors include proper and adequate amount of sleep.

Getting your much needed seven to nine hours of sleep a day is very essential especially if you are undergoing diet and adding exercise to your daily activities. Having enough sleep will help your body to regenerate and replenish itself for the next day to come. Cut your body out from sleep will literally make you feel as if you are drunk and unable to function properly both in the physical and mental aspect. Here are five simple steps you can follow to help you overcome sleep deprivation.

  1. Get Enough Rest

Always remember that you need at least seven to nine hours of sleep a day. This means that if you cannot complete the abovementioned hours at night then take naps in the afternoon. Just make sure that you get the right amount of sleep PER DAY.

Another thing to take into consideration is that a good night’s rest is healthier than a whole day’s rest. Sleeping at night allows your biological time clock and your whole body to function properly. Therefore, your body will be fully energized and ready for the next day. That is the reason why sometimes when you sleep all day you still feel drowsy and tired as compared to when you sleep at night where you feel energized when you wake up the following day.

  1. If You Can’t, Choose an Alternative to Prevent Excessive Hunger

Sometimes, unavoidable situations can cause you to not have your well-deserved night’s sleep. It can be due to your work or even because of your daily activities. Having these sleep deprived instances will cause your body to look for other sources of energy at a larger amount. That is why you tend to get hungry easily and more frequently during night shifts.

What you can do is to drink lots of fluids, preferably water, to compensate your hunger. The reason why I said water is because of your biological timeclock. During night time, your body will “close” its metabolic function. This means that whatever you eat during the wee hours of the night will not be metabolized as energy but instead it will instantly become stored fats.

  1. Have a Lifestyle Check

Check your daily activities and what you do that might cause you to stay up late. One of the most common factor is eating dinner way too late. Eating too much at night can cause your body to form acids that causes heartburns. Having heartburns can make you sleeping difficult because of the pain and discomfort.

Another major reason for sleep deprivation is the presence of gadgets in your bedroom. These are sure fire temptations that most of us cannot break free from. Remove all diversions in your bedroom and make your bed a place for sleep and rest.

  1. Don’t Forget to Exercise

A lot of people who are sleep deprived are either tired or exhausted throughout the day. This sensations will prevent you from exercising because you have no energy to do so. This will cause additional weight gain in the future. Your excess stored fats need to be shed off. If your body is too “tired” to exercise, then you would just gain more weight.

Be committed in a routine exercise. A 20 to 30 minute jog or even a few sets of Cardio workout per day can work wonders. Just make sure that you will do it regularly and consistently.

  1. Create an Acceptable Nightly Routine

Make a relaxing nightly routine that you can do regularly. Create a regime that will allow you to relax before you sleep. Pampering yourself before sleep will give you an assurance of a well-rested body.

You can start off by eating dinner early at around six or seven in the evening. This will allow you to digest the food completely before sleeping. If you feel hungry afterwards, satisfy yourself with water. You can also put on relaxing music, take a warm bath or even drink a glass of relaxing herbal tea before sleeping.

Sleep is as important as exercise and diet if you want to lose weight is a healthy way. Do not deprive your body of rest and replenishment and give it what it needs. Having enough sleep per day will assure you of a healthier and fitter you in the future.