How to Keep Yourself Motivated In Your Weight Loss Program

Starting a weight loss routine is an easy task to do. But keeping yourself in check and committed to it is the hardest part of the journey. Most of us would probably give up just midway of our program because we start to feel that what we are doing is just plain useless.

There are ways that I have personally done that you can do as well so that you would not reach a pit stop with your weight loss drive. These a simple yet effective tips for everyone who wants to push through and get the healthy and slimmer body that they have always wanted.

  1. Have a Weight Loss Buddy

One famous saying tells us that “it takes two to tango” and it also applies to losing weight as well. Having a “diet buddy” can help you keep yourself motivated. If ever you give up with your program, your “buddy” will remind you why you did it in the first place.

Just make sure that your diet buddy has the same commitment and determination with losing weight as you. Better yet, find a buddy that is more motivated than you. This will assure you that you have that one person that will help you push through your toughest diet times.

  1. Eat More Food that Gives You That “Full Stomach” Sensation

Eating small amount of everything is not a good way of dieting. These so called “starvation diets” will not only make your body weaker and unhealthier but it also has a setback to it. This setback is the result of “starving” your own body to the point that it lacks the essential nutrition it needs. Once your body gives in, extreme hunger will be felt.

Like what happened to me before, you will instinctively eat more that you usually do. In turn this will once again add to your weight. The best thing to do is to have just the right amount of serving per meal and eat foods that have the “satiety” effect.

Hunger busting food belong to the protein, carbohydrates and yes, fats sector of the food pyramid. A good combination of these foods in your diet can prolong your “sated tummy” and will let you have lesser major eating moments.

These food groups have the tendency to be digested more slowly as compared to other food groups. It also has a slower break down rate as compared to the others. Even a small amount of these “hunger-busters” can work wonders for your diet.

  1. Focus on Short Term Goals

One factor that makes you lose your drive is that you set your goals unrealistically that you will sooner or later lose your determination and eventually give up. Setting a goal too high can make anyone’s drive weaken and vanish, so do not create your own failure.

Most of us fall victim to the “let’s see what the result will be after ______ months” mentality. We start to become motivated on the first month because we see the drastic changes in our bodies. But as the time passes on you see that the changes are getting slower and slower. This will make you feel demotivated and at the same time will make you think that you are just wasting your time with it.

The best thing to do is to create short term goals instead. A month’s time is the ideal timeframe where you can see the results of your hard work and at the same time become accustomed to your dietary routine. Once you are able to get used to your diet, you can now continue using that program even after you have finished your diet platform.

Being realistic and having the right support group can greatly affect your diet drive in a positive way. Add the right knowledge about the food you eat and you will get the perfect combination for a successful diet regime.