Why Does Your Diet Fail? Here Are Five Good Reasons.

Have you ever had that time when you decided to go on a diet and stick to it but later on regretting doing so because nothing happened? In fact, you probably thought it was a dumb idea to begin with. Now you think that going on a diet is a joke that you would not dare to try again.

I have been a victim of this mentality as well during my first few tries with dieting and losing weight. But because of my determination to become healthy once again and staying fit, I tired once again. This time, I approached my new dieting method in a holistic way. That’s when I saw that I was committing grave mistakes that led to my previous diet failures. Here are the top five reasons why most of us fail at dieting.

  1. Caloric Intake Misconception

To be honest, this was always my failure with every diet that I did I the past. This was my “Achilles’ heel” so to speak. I go on a frenzy and unknowingly go on a “starvation” diet. I usually miss one major meal per day and eat less than half of what I usually consume. Another version is that I eat less for five days and the remaining two days of the week, I eat just two to three meals a day and just drink lots of water. Boy was I doing it all wrong back then. Most probably this was also one of your major errors as well.

We mistake the meaning of “diet” as a method of losing weight by cutting down on your food intake by half or even more. Which is the total opposite of what dieting is all about. Going on a diet means you adjust your food intake slowly and making sure you get all your needed daily nutrients in the process.

Our bodies needs its daily nutritional intake in order to function properly. By doing this diet correctly, not only will physical appearance benefit from it but our whole body will become healthier and stronger as well. So do extensive research before your plan your diet.

  1. Insufficient Nutrient Consumption

Most of the trending diets nowadays tend to “cut-off” nutrients from their food groups. This is a big NO-NO because each and every nutrient you consume plays an important role in your body’s daily function. Cutting them out of your diet can damage your body without you knowing it.

The most common nutrients that these “trend setting diets” remove from your meals are Protein and Fiber. These two nutrients plays such an important role in cell regeneration, bodily function and overall holistic health. Your diet must include all these necessary vitamins, nutrients and minerals so that your body can adjust and in a healthy manner.

  1. Meal Preparation Nightmare

One of the dreaded moments during a diet is when you prepare your meals. It’s certainly a drag when you have to prepare complex meals and waste time every single day. This prolonged and complex meal preparation will surely make you give up and loose interest in what your actual goal really is and that is to go on a diet.

In reality, it is easy to make healthy and diet approved meals. There are numerous recipes out there that can guide you in making an easy and healthy meal. The thing that you need to do is to plan ahead when doing so. Doing this in advance will help you prepare yourself with every meal you make making your cooking time less.

  1. Long-Term “Wrong-Term” Approach

When we go on a diet we make sure that we set an estimated goal for both the length of our regime and the expected end weight result. But how long is too long? My mistake before was I set my goal too long, which was three months. As my diet continued, I noticed that there was improvement at first but alter on it became stagnant to a point that I gave up before I could even reach my end goal date.

I have learned that the longest goal you can set for your diet is up to one month. In this short time period, you can see your body become leaner and at the same time you will become accustomed to your eating pattern.

The reason why we set a definite time for our diet is not because we HAVE to lose weight. It is because we have to have a dietary routine that works for our body and that we know we can stick to. It’s all about building a good eating habit and making it your daily routine even after your diet.

  1. Eating the “Bad” Food

Sometimes, eating products that are known for their “fat loss” abilities will actually make us gain more weight without us knowing it. Products like artificial sweeteners, protein bars, flavored yogurt and the likes DO give you your needed nutrients but it comes with a price. Most of these items are either packed with sugar, fats and other ingredients that will ruin your diet.

Going on a diet requires research, knowledge and commitment. You need to be at your 100% before you start on your dietary journey. And always remember these important steps in dieting: go green, keep it simple and have a realistic target.